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segmenting modern scum

To understand the market for FreedIt, I will segment modern scum and explain my plans for each segment.

1. elite scum
2. techno-scum
3. moronic right-wing scum
4. moronic left-wing scum

The elite scum will hate Freedit since they hate free speech.  They are not a market.  When they complain about hate speech, I will tell them to go to hell.

The techno-scum are pure evil, worse than any other kind of scum.  They hate everything good, so they will hate every good design decision I make for FreedIt.  They will probably come to FreedIt and insult it.  I will tell them to fuck off.  I don't want them on FreedIt.

What remains are the moronic masses which divide (meaninglessly) into right and left.  Since the left are in power, it is the right who are censored and will value free speech.  So moronic right-wing scum is my primary market.  If FreedIt ever gets critical mass, then moronic left-wing scum will also use it because morons are herd animals.  But initially the left simply won't come.